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Call/email or sign up online for an introductory lesson

Lessons occur online

Lessons can be private, semi-private or group

Rent one of our instruments, if desired

Cost of intro lesson is refunded if you are not satisfied


We contact you after the intro lesson to follow up

Purchase lessons individually, with punchcards or month-to-month

Pick a day/time for lessons

No registration fees

No long-term obligations

Certificate of Achievement testing is available, if desired

Extra music theory is available, if desired

Obtain rewards for milestones achieved


Expect personalized attention from Manager + Teacher

Flexible scheduling

Make-up credits for lessons canceled in advance

Access to your account / scheduling online

Your teacher will recommend a lesson book which can be purchased from our website


Performing in recitals is highly encouraged; but not required

First recital occurs approximately six months after starting

Recitals are organized approximately every 3 months

Students participate in rehearsals before each recital

There is no extra cost for rehearsals/recitals

All recitals are organized online with our video conference platform

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