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Studying voice is one of the most fun and fulfilling steps you can take toward becoming the truly polished singer you know you can be. Our vocal students consistently land leading roles, win awards, sing with high-level choirs and other vocal ensembles, gain acceptance into collegiate vocal performance programs, and many who just take lessons for the fun of it report rave responses at karaoke!

Our extensive hiring process ensures that our vocal instructors are truly some of the best, focusing strongly on giving you a solid, healthy, and consistent vocal technique, as well as guiding you through the process of developing characters, expressing emotional nuance, and singing with your whole voice, powerfully and freely, every time.

We prioritize training the whole musician, and our vocal training upholds that important legacy. All incoming students are given the option of entering our newly-developed vocal development curriculum at no extra cost, which sets students on the professional track regardless of whether they have any experience at all. Students who follow our curriculum are given additional education in music theory, sight-singing, aural skills/ear training, harmony, basic piano skills, and practice strategies, all while tracking progress toward goals of becoming a professional, or professional-level, singer.


Whether you're interested in accelerating your progress toward a professional career, already sing professionally, sing with a choir or an ensemble, write your own music, or just enjoy singing and want to get better, we will do everything to ensure that our voice lessons are the right choice for you.


Our Violin Program includes Violin, Viola, and Cello. The program builds musical independence, ear training, performance ability, and body awareness for proper positions and postures of the instrument. We teach the violin to aid development and comfort with the instrument and play with exceptional tone to improve their musical ear. Students develop a love and appreciation for music that allows them to mature and learn supplemental skills such as patience, hard work, and dedication through practice.


Not only do we have fun through one-on-one lessons, but our students also learn self-expression and violin techniques that advance them to achieve greater musical opportunities in the future. We offer string lessons with Suzuki, Traditional, or Improvisational techniques to prepare students for solo performances, ensemble work, or orchestral music.


Lessons begin for students ages 4 and up; it is never too early -- or too late -- to embark on a musical journey.



We offer a unique curriculum in guitar that will appeal to beginners, intermediate and advanced players. We will accelerate and enhance your guitar experience in a friendly, cooperative, and encouraging environment. Whether your interest is reading music, tablature or song writing or even self-accompaniment/instrumental performance, we offer professional, working musicians who only want to help you realize your dreams.


Bass Guitar

We recognize the fundamental role bass guitar plays in the group setting. We give special attention to developing solid rhythm skills and tempo management. Students are guided to a deeper understanding of song construction and arrangement across styles and genres.


We will help you develop the runs, riffs, turns and fills that will be the foundation of your personal, signature style. We provide ear training and will help you develop the ability to play “on the spot” without the use of tablature or written music. Using our unique method, you will have the tools you need to advance your skills.



To keep pace with the current trends in popular music, we offer beginner/intermediate lessons in the Hawaiian based instrument. An understated, yet sophisticated instrument, the Ukulele has primarily been used for accompanying the voice. Recently, advanced players like Jake Shimabukuro and Daniel Ho have advanced the instrument to new heights. Affordable and portable, the Ukulele come in a variety of styles and voicings (Baritone being very popular, currently). If you want to play for your friends around the campfire or have always wanted to sing and avoid relying on a separate accompanist, the ukulele may be the right instrument for you.


Explore this traditional, yet versatile instrument; from bluegrass to Basque folk music, the mandolin is an outstanding choice for the professional or “hobby level” player. You can learn to play as a soloist or accompanist across a wide variety of music genres and historical music. Whether your interest is Appalachian mountain music or traditional Irish reels, we can accelerate your learning and help you master the instrument.


Our drum program offers a focused and goal oriented structure providing the student with all of the materials necessary to be a successful musician. The program strives to educate students on multiple areas of music beyond the drum set; such as music theory, professional conduct, and the importance of dedicated practice.


The student's development is priority and by following a comprehensive curriculum, musical growth is achievable at any age, skill level, or ability. Our drum teachers are knowledgeable and experienced in performing music at a high level throughout the United States. Each instructor is committed and passionate about music and education. We hope to instill students with that same passion and see them grow beyond our expectations.



Our Woodwind’s program focuses on creating a complete musician. Early on we will focus on the rudiments which include scales, arpeggios, sight-reading, improvisation, jazz and music theory.


With this core knowledge, students will be able to not only play their instrument but understand music fundamentals. Using several method books, the students will learn classical and jazz literature and have many opportunities to perform and play music with others.




PIANO    |    VOICE    |    STRINGS    |    GUITARS    |    PERCUSSION    |    WOODWINDS

The goal of our piano program is to awaken, nurture, and sustain the creative spark in every student, regardless of age, skill-level, or ability. We have carefully developed our curriculum to address the most important components of piano mastery: self-expression, musicianship, technique, music theory. We are dedicated to giving our piano students the fundamentals necessary to enjoy an entire life-time of making music.

Our piano students learn the values of commitment, dedication and perseverance. Our highly-trained teachers provide a supportive, caring, and enthusiastic learning environment tailored to each individual student. Our teachers have a heartfelt desire to endow their students with confidence, enthusiasm and a life-long love of the piano.

The majority of our students participate in our proprietary and comprehensive Certificate of Achievement program. They experience clear, measurable levels of artistic accomplishment from beginner up to college-prep. We provide innovative and integrative workshop opportunities, with the ultimate goal to stimulate the latent creative brilliance in our students.


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